What’s on Your Walls?

Other than your 70” flat screen TV, have you ever wondered what would look good on that bare wall in your living room? Or maybe you have a bare wall in your dining room that is just waiting for something to be hung on it. I have just the answer for you!

Wall art!

What is wall art you ask? Wall art are large size prints in different textures. For example, an image enlarged to 20×30 or larger and printed on a sheet of metal is what we call wall art. Or a number of enlarged images hung on a wall in a custom design is also considered wall art.

At. D. Marie Photography I offer a variety of different sizes of images printed on different mediums. Metals, Acrylics, and Canvas’ are the most popular. Custom framing is also available.

There are times when it’s hard to picture in your mind what a large image will look like on your wall. That’s when I will do a mock up of a room and put the image on the wall. Making it easier to visualize the images on a wall.

Here are a few examples of wall art mockups.


Now let me ask you, “What’s on Your Walls?”


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Until next time, remember whatever you do, BE BIG IN IT!

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